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Staff Development and Personal Growth

The Group is convinced that human resources and intelligent capital are important metrics of overall corporate competitiveness, and the integration and mutual development of staff’s personal growth and corporate long-run development have featured the Group’s human resources management and corporate culture. In this regard, the Group continues to improve the staff management system, provide all-round on-the-job training to improve working efficiency, and promote the “people-oriented” philosophy to create a harmonious workplace to enhance staff relations and sense of belonging.

As at the end of 2015, the Group had approximately 5,300 employees. The Group has set up a cultivation system and procedures to develop the talent highlighted by a number of distinctive features. At the same time, the Group places great emphasis on the continuous improvement of staff professionalism and management of their career path. The Group has also provided comprehensive resources to support the staff to understand the Group’s strategies, adapt to the corporate culture, enrich their professional knowledge and strengthen their management capability. During the year, every segments and business lines held a series of intensive targeted training programmes: the marketing companies hosted a four-day intensive training “Marketing Dynamics Camp” for the mid- and high-level salespersons; the commercial companies conducted a series of “Business Line Growth Plan” trainings to all business units; the construction companies staged a “Training Camp for Staff with Potential” for selected employees who have been in service for about three years, to further improve their business capabilities and management skills. For newly recruited graduates, the Group provided new staff orientation as well as career development scheme at different stages and provided guidance on personal development. In addition to internal trainings, the Group provided learning opportunities through job rotation across different businesses to boost the professional growth of staff, and also continuously promoted and encouraged the education funding scheme for staff to update their knowledge and to improve their capabilities.

Through creating and maintaining two human resources brands —“Sons of the Sea” and “Sea’s Recruits”, the Group persists in expanding the recruitment network for potential talents oncampus and experienced persons in society to secure abundant supply of high-calibre staff to support the Group’s rapid business development, thereby further enhancing the continuity and sustainability of business. In recognition of the Group’s outstanding image as an employer and the brand name of the recruitment exercise, the Group was presented with numerous honours and awards, including the “Top 100 China Best Employer Award 2015” (hosted by

The Group adheres to the “people-oriented” philosophy in management and services, exerting great efforts in improving workplace environment and the welfare packages. A number of sports events, interest groups and social club activities, such as “March 8th Family and Nature Reunion” and “China Overseas Organic Farms”, were held by the Group’s Sorority during the year, with an aim to build a platform for sharing interest, encourage staff to enrich their leisure and cultural life and thus enhance their sense of belonging and solidarity. Furthermore, the Group respects the social values of employees. While encouraging employees to polish up their career plans, the Group also builds up a sound platform for both the enterprise and employees for social contributions through ongoing social welfare activities.