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Staff Development and Personal Growth

As at the end of 2014, the Group had a total of 25,705 employees. The Group has always regarded the talent strategy as its most important strategy and human resources as its most precious resources. Taking into account its current business environment and development stage, the Group persists in the principle of “quality building” in terms of management strategy and seeks to achieve a balanced development of the Group and the staff, with a view to enhancing the overall quality of its human resource management.

The Group has developed a sound staff training program to provide comprehensive resources and support that helps employees to understand the Company’s strategies, incorporate with its corporate culture, enhance expertise and strengthen management skills. Day-to-day in-service training is provided for employees primarily through海無涯網路學院”, an internal e-learning platform and shared videos. This platform enables the sharing of knowledge and experiences within the Group across regions, business segments and organisational hierarchies. In respect of the key tasks of the year, the Group conducted a total of 2,987 training programs with a total attendance of 20,464 persons. Meanwhile, all ranks within the organisation and business lines have organised a series of specialised training programs, such as the “Eaglet Programme” held in July 2014 for the purpose of training and cultivating professional qualities for new employees of Commercial Properties Company, the “Sea’s Recruits Orientation Camp” held in December 2014 for the purpose of corporate culture immersion for new recruits and the “Training Camp for Potential Staff” held in August 2014 for employees who had been in service for 2 to 3 years, the regular programmes including the “Professional Workshops for New Managers” aimed at enhancing the management ability of newly promoted managers at intermediary levels. Such programmes have been widely applauded by employees with active participation. Moreover, in order to procure employees to update their knowledge and enhance their job performance ability, the Group encouraged and subsidized on-the-job degree education for employees. With a strong emphasis on creating a fair employment system, a positive and aspiring work atmosphere has been fostered to provide a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the organisation.

To further enhance the continuity and sustainability of its business, the Group persists in recruiting strategy of the “Sons of the Sea” and “Sea’s Recruits” schemes to expand the recruitment network and to secure abundant supply of high-calibre staff to support the Group’s rapid business development. In recognition of the Group’s outstanding image as an employer and the brand name of its recruitment exercise, the Group was presented with numerous honours and awards including the “Top 100 China Best Employer Award 2014” (hosted by and the 12th “ChinaHR Best Employers — Top 10 in the real estate industry” (hosted by In addition, the Group organised “Career Development Workshop” at 13 famous universities in China, including Tsinghua University and Xiamen University, during the period from April to July. Through lectures given by internal and external speakers, the Workshop simulated corporate operations and practiced positions at various business lines of different locations which helped to foster professionalism and enhance the expertise of the high calibre university students. The Workshop won wide acclaim from the teachers and students and at the same time, it reserved high-calibre human resources for the Group’s future development.

The Group emphasises on creating simple and harmonious relationships and a friendly atmosphere at the office. It also helps employees to strike a balance between work and leisure by organising activities such as badminton, basketball, football, swimming, video and photography, some of them even welcome the employees to bring their families to participate, which helps to boost sense of satisfaction and belonging of the staff.