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Human Resources Strategy
The Group holds the quality of human resources and the level of knowledge capital are important benchmarks in assessing the competitiveness of an enterprise. Long-term development of the Group and personal development of the staff are closely interrelated and mutually reinforcing. This is a preeminent feature of the Group’s corporate culture and human resources management style.

Human Resources Management
At the end of 2012, the Group had a total of 18,849 employees. The Group continued to reinforce and improve its two channels for soliciting new employees, namely campus recruitment and public recruitment, in order to enrich and optimise the “Sons of the Sea” and “Sea’s Recruits” schemes, the two brands of the Group in human resources operations, and to secure abundant supply of high-calibre staff to support the Group’s rapid business development. In recognition of our outstanding image as an employer and the brand name of the recruitment exercise, our Group was presented with numerous honours and awards, including the 10th “Best Employers of China Award — Top 50” (hosted by for a second stint. The Group adheres to the “people-oriented” philosophy in management and services and emphasises the fostering of a friendly atmosphere at the Company underpinned by easy and harmonious inter-personal relations. We make improvements to our performance appraisal and remuneration and benefit packages as well as to our office environment on an ongoing basis, while the Group also constantly introduces new activities to enhance staff satisfaction and sense of belonging.

Staff Training and Development
The Group has developed a sound staff training program to provide comprehensive resources and support that help employees to appreciate the Company’s strategies, identify with its corporate culture, enhance expertise and strengthen management skills.

The Group places a strong emphasis on staff training and formulates suitable training programmes each year for new employees. In 2012, the Group held the 10th COB New Employee Orientation Program for the newly recruited “Sons of the Sea” — about 250 fresh graduates with top honours. The programme featured a combination of personal development planning and group training which was aimed at enhancing staff potential and performance.

The Group also offers day-to-day in-service training for employees through “海無涯網絡學院”, an internal e-learning platform which facilitates online self-learning primarily through shared videos. This platform enables the sharing of knowledge and experiences within the Group across regions, business segments and organisational hierarchies, which helps to improve employees’ management skills and expertise and support in self-enrichment and life-learning.

In addition, the Group also organise daily activities and themed seasonal activities to promotes healthy lifestyles, with a view to enriching the cultural life of China Overseas employees, they are provided with the opportunity to join different types of activities and interest groups (such as cooking classes, bridge groups, badminton and photography, etc) for a better balance between work and leisure as well as a greater sense of belonging to the Group. The China Overseas Cup Bridge Tournament organised by the Group in June 2012 has enjoyed active participation by employees.