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Adhering to the inclusive and people-oriented strategy in human resources, COLI has created and operated two human resources management arms, “Sons of the Sea” and “Sea’s Recruits”, selecting and employing outstanding talents from universities and the society. The Company has also established a systematic talent training mechanism, so as to secure human resources for its sustainable development.

Overview of Human Resources Management

Building on the foundation of solid human resource infrastructure and talent pool management, the Company adhered to the sound system and culture already in place, while seeking to achieve a balanced development of staff, guiding employees to incorporate their personal goals into the long-term corporate development objectives, resulting in a simple, transparent, positive and progressive working environment. The Company has also continued to optimise its appraisal, remuneration and welfare procedures, improve the office environment and organise different recreational activities to boost staff satisfaction and nurture their sense of belonging. Its outstanding performance in talent development and corporate governance has garnered for the Company the honors of “Best Employer in China” and “The Most Respected Company” for several consecutive years.

Development and Training

Employees are key to a company’s success. COLI has created a working environment where all employees are treated with fairness, justice and respect. We adopt a unique approach to personnel training and selection while nurturing talents who share our goals and values through ongoing branded staff training and education. COLI strives to unleash the potential of employees and to promote dynamic and orderly development. By optimizing the talent pool, the Company has maintained a competitive edge in human capital effectiveness and overall human resources benefits, ensuring and promoting the realization of corporate strategic goals.

Sons of the Sea Campus Recruiting

The staff that COLI has recruited directly from universities are referred to as “Sons of the Sea.” The Company has registered this trademark, utilizing it to represent corporate image to recruit staff among freshly graduated students, as well as corporate commitment to recruit and cultivate their professionalism, thereby enabling them to give full rein to their talents.

Sea’s Recruits

Recruiting is an important component of the Company’s human resources team. The “Sea’s Recruits” program, as well as its recruitment platform, has become a distinctive symbol of COLI that attracts highly-qualified talent.

Star of China Overseas Property

In order to satisfy diversified business development needs, COLI launched its “Star of China Overseas Property” recruiting project, providing a new campus recruiting brand, focusing on recruiting fresh graduate with high potentiality, building new talents assisting the development of the great 3 industries.

The Company has created a comprehensive training system for all staff, which consists of four series: “Pilot”, “Competition”, “Endurance” and “Sailing”. Our online/offline education platform include 12 branded trainings, namely “Motivation Workshop for Senior Management”, “Advanced Study Camp for Functional Managers”, “Specialized Training Camp for Project Directors”, “Professional Workshop for Managers”, “Sea’s Recruits Orientation Camp”, “Sons of the Sea Pilot Training Class”, etc., and “E-learning Academy of China Overseas Property” offer valuable career development for all staff. The Company also puts into practice the core value of “To practice with caution and integrity and innovate to seek greater success” in daily work.

Five concepts and “tricolor” management model in career development:

  • Performance
  • System
  • Innovation
  • People
  • Fairness & Justice
Red——Chinese-funded central enterprises + corporate mission + pragmatism and standardization
Blue——strategy + flexibility + innovative and enterprising spirit
Orange——transparency and fairness + humanism + social responsibility
2017 “Sons of the Sea” Pilot Training Class

In August 2017, 98 “Sons of the Sea” participants gathered in Shenzhen for a ten-day training. The Company designed professional and specialized training courses for college graduates. In the model of self-organization and self-management, they simulated corporate operation and introduced a performance evaluation system. Military training, outreach activities, mountain climbing, parties and other activities helped new employees integrate into COLI, understand corporate culture and improve team building.

Competitive Employment

To expand and optimize employees’ career development channels, achieve efficient allocation of internal talent, and create a fair, impartial, open and transparent promotion environment, in 2017, district companies in Jinan, Ningbo, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Changchun and other cities continued to organize competitive employment for positions at different levels. Employees’ comprehensive quality was examined through reports, on-site oral defense, comprehensive rating and other methods, which further promoted cross-business communication and talent selection.

Training Camp for Outstanding Staff

As a major part of the Company’s talent pool, potential employees are the main support for the Company’s strategic goals. The camp is created to better cultivate and develop the expertise and professional qualities of employees and to promote cross-discipline sharing and exchange as well as inter-functional cooperation. In 2017, all district and regional companies opened multiple camps and strengthened coordinated talent training through sharing forums, round-table conferences, business training, etc.

Sea’s Recruits Specialized Training

To strengthen corporate culture penetration in “Sea’s Recruits” employees and the inheritance of COLI expertise and management experience, and help them adapt to the Company, the headquarters of COLI organized the “2017 Sailing Training— Sea’s Recruits Orientation Camp” from 2224 September, 2017. New employees received systematic training from three aspects—understanding the Company and business, position clarification and self-development, and expertise acquisition and position adaptation. The new recruits took over 10 courses in corporate strategy, corporate culture, products and competition, product value creation, project panoramic planning, stress management, etc., which helped them adapt to their roles and integrate into the corporate culture more quickly.

Specialized Training Camp for Project Directors
The Company launched project-based operations in 2017. To strengthen employees’ understanding of the project-based system, the headquarters as well as district and regional companies organized multiple workshops on project-based operations to help all the staff unify their understandings and master tools and methods, which created effective support for putting the new method of operation into practice.

In the first half of 2017, some district companies conducted pilot project-based operations and made obvious achievements. This pilot program promoted experience, unified understandings of the “7+1 Team”, strengthened employees’ understandings of their positions, exchanged and discussed performance requirements and cultivated the competency of project director candidates. Several more Specialized Training Camps for Project Directors were organized in 2017.

Motivation Workshop for Senior Management
The Motivation Workshop for Senior Management is a training brand targeting senior managers and focuses on corporate strategies, business priorities, leadership improvement, etc. In 2017, the headquarters opened 5 such workshops covering the organization of project-based operations, high-EQ leadership and other topics. This helped senior managers expand their horizons and improve leadership.

And in July 2017, the senior management team conducted cross-field benchmarking studies. Through visits to outstanding enterprises and projects, they came to know about others’ product mindsets and ideas, as well as best practices, which provided key references to strengthening consciousness and broadening horizon.

Northern Region Winter Training Program

During the winter break that starts from every November, the northern regional companies carry out special winter training. The 2017 winter training program offered a series of management and professional trainings on project operation, financial management, team management, satisfaction building, value creation, etc., as well as sharing and study seminars on key technology subjects such as decoration, fabrication, and aluminum coatings.

Health and Safety

As a leading property enterprise with a focus on property development and investment, the occupational health and safety risk related to daily business and workplace operations of all of its staff is relatively low. The Company has continued to optimize its work practices and daily management of its staff’s health and safety with the aim to create a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment.

Safety Inspections
(daily and during holidays)

A number of departments and subsidiaries at all levels are required to offer safe production and security services and underwent on-site safety inspections on a regular basis, with particularly close attention to potential safety risks in areas such as water and electricity. Appropriate measures on fire safety and theft prevention were also stipulated and adopted.

Annual Medical
Checkup for Staff

According to its staff welfare policy, the Company arranges an annual medical checkup for all staff to bolster their mental and physical health (Coverage: 100%). In 2017, some district companies invited professional physicians to provide counseling services.

Staff Insurance for
Personal Accidents

Apart from providing general social security insurance covering medical issues, pension planning and unemployment (Coverage: 100%), the Company also purchased Personal Accident Insurance for all the staff in 2017.

Safety Management for
Projects under Construction

As a responsible property developer emphasizing project quality, the Company actively promotes occupational health and safety supervision at project sites under construction to its business partners, in particular contractors and subcontractors. They are required to conduct stringent safety checks, training and third-party safety risk assessment to ensure safe construction operations. In 2017, there was no major safety accident in the Company.

China Overseas Office Capital Welfare Plan

China Overseas Office Capital (COOC) has always upheld professional operation and implemented the values of “people first” and sustainable development in property operation. Together with First Respond, a world-leading first aid training and lifesaving institution, COOC established a public safety service system for office buildings. Two parties jointly developed and operated the comprehensive service and safety in buildings, customized an office building safety certification system and standards, and created an SOS long-term mechanism for life-threatening emergencies inside buildings, providing a high level of security for employees and customers. Currently nearly 20 of COOC’s office building projects in operation around the country have been equipped with life-saving AED devices and was integrated into the national systematic map of lifesaving emergencies operated by its business partner. COOC also trained licensed emergency response staff to push for improvement and progress in first aid and mutual assistance throughout the society.

First COOC Music Festival

In September 2017, the first COOC Music Festival was unveiled in China Overseas International Center in Shenyang. China Overseas Office Capital (COOC) launched series of activities at the “COOC Sings with You” Music Festival. The search for the best voice began in nine cities, creating an exclusive music stage for office workers. Nine talented singers were chosen from nine cities through votes by the public. The festival pass on healthy and happy ways of living and work to employees and registered enterprises.

Changsha Unipark talent competition

To enrich merchants’ lives, strengthen team spirit of merchants and employees, and improve their ties with Changsha Unipark, China Overseas Commercial Properties in Changsha held the first talent competition for merchants and employees. The competition provided them with a way for them to express their colorful individuality as well as provide entertainment for audience members.

Staff Association

COLI has established a comprehensive human resources management policy and system, setting up standard procedures for salaries and fringe benefits, staff recruitment and promotion, transfer and exchange, management of resignation and termination, number of working hours, holidays, job qualification, awards and evaluation. When the Company determines recruitment and promotion of individuals, including basic salaries and fringe benefits of new employees, it focuses mainly on their past experience, qualifications and professional competence without discrimination against gender, age, family status, disability, race and religion. As the Company’s business presence covers nearly 50 cities in Mainland China as well as Hong Kong and Macau, the composition of teams within member companies have become more diversified.

Thematic Activity

The developed sub-association starts with creating corporate atmosphere and department building, and strengthens staff cohesion through thematic birthday parties, beauty pageants, June 1st Parent-Child Gathering, and other interesting activities. The sub-association continues to enhance the sense of belonging and cohesion of the staff, strengthen their cultural ties with the Company, and make important progress in promoting the construction of corporate culture.

Staff Engagement

Communications between Staff and Management

COLI fully supports positive interactive communications between management of different subsidiaries and the staff to create an open, transparent and positive work environment and optimize management systems and policies in all aspects of the Company’s operations. The Company utilizes various online and offline channels such as the OA intranet system, working conferences and regular meetings to communicate the policies, strategies and directions of the Company. COLI also regularly discloses the latest company news and provides a platform for the staff in different areas to share their personal living and work experience through our magazine China Overseas.

Employee Engagement Survey
To bolster the Company’s management standard and promote the spirit of democracy, COLI has been conducting the Annual Staff Satisfaction Survey for all staff of the Company through intranet platfor. Both the participation rate and the satisfaction scores have been constantly rising year by year.

The survey on staff satisfaction is comprised of 30 indicators structured within five parts, namely overall satisfaction, working conditions, the rewards of work, matching degree of work, and corporate operational management. The Company focuses on analyses of corporate governance and human resources management indicators by conducting basic data analysis, compiles annual satisfaction report to identify the priorities for improvement of the Company’s operational management and human resources at the next stage. Moreover, the open questions included in the survey ask staff to contribute ideas or suggestions for corporate development. The Company collects opinions and suggestions and forwards them to relevant units to follow up and implement, which in turn will also be timely forwarded to the staff. In 2017, a survey on “staff dedication” for all staff was conducted to further improve corporate management through three components covering staff dedication, staff satisfaction and organizational atmosphere.