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Adhering to the inclusive and people-oriented strategy in human resources, COLI has created and operated three human resources management arms, “Sea’s Recruits”, “Sons of the Sea” and “Stars of the Sea”, selecting and employing outstanding talents from universities and the society. The Company has also established a systematic talent training mechanism, so as to secure human resources for its sustainable development.

Employment and Performance Management

COLI’s employee management strategy is aligned with its strategic development plan. We advocate equal opportunities and have established employee diversity indicators which we continuously monitor.

The breakdown of employees of COLI in 2018 is as follows:

Training and Development

COLI’s career development plan will be adjusted dynamically to reward employees for their efforts and achievements according to their performance and career development status. The Company has several recruitment brands, namely “Sea’s Recruit”, “Sons of the Sea” and “Stars of the Sea”. We employ staff in the principles of democracy, openness, competition and meritocracy, and organize training activities that cater to the development needs of staff.

“Sea’s Recruit”

Recruit experienced employees directly from the society

“Sons of the Sea”

Hire fresh graduates from university campus

“Stars of the Sea”

A new on-campus employer brand launched in 2018 targeting high-potential fresh graduates of different majors for the development of three major business lines

Occupational Health and Safety

A healthy and safe work environment is an integral part of business operations. According to our Safety Management policy, we prevent, control and eliminate the potential hazards in professional posts, regularly perform safety inspections on office buildings and project sites to prevent safety hazards, and conscientiously carry out safety management and relevant rectification work.

Safety Inspections on
Working Days and Holidays

Urge all departments and subsidiaries at all levels to earnestly carry out safe production and security work, conduct regular safety inspections on office buildings and project sites with a focus on overhaul of water and electricity facilities to eliminate safety hazards, and take effective measures for fire prevention and theft prevention.

Annual Physical
Examination of Employees

According to its relevant benefits policies, the Company organizes 100% of its employees to take annual routine physical examination every year for the benefit of their physical and mental health.

Supplementary Medical
Insurance for

In addition to making mandatory social insurance (including medical, pension and unemployment insurance) contributions for all employees, the Company also provided supplementary medical insurance for all employees in 2018.

Safety Management for
Projects under Construction

As a responsible property developer emphasizing project quality, the Company actively promotes occupational health and safety supervision at project sites under construction to its business partners, in particular contractors and subcontractors. They are required to conduct stringent safety checks, training and third-party safety risk assessment to ensure safe construction operations. In 2018, there was no major safety accident in the Company.