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COLI’s ESG Rating Upgraded Maintaining Industry-leading Sustainable Achievements Highly Recognized by the Capital Market Author:China Overseas Land and Investment Ltd.

(Hong Kong, January 6 2023) Morgan Stanley Capital International (“MSCI”)recently published the Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) rating results. With the excellent ESG performance, China Overseas Land and Investment Limited (The “Company” or “COLI”; Stock Code: 0688)has been upgraded to “BBB” from “BB”.

MSCI-ESG Ratings is one of the leading ESG rating providers for the global investment community. With high authority and credibility, its rating results are widely used in investment decisions by investors at home and abroad.
Compared with the previous year, COLI’s total scores of the MSCI ESG ratings significantly increased, including the Green Building, Product Safety & Quality, Health & Safety and Corporate Governance. Among them, the Green Building has an outstanding performance with 1.8 marks (in a total of 10) higher than the peers. This rating enhancement is based the COLI’s excellent ESG performance.


Besides, the Company scored 91 (in a total of 100) in Refinitiv, ranking first place among 479 real estate enterprises. The Company has also been rated ‘Low Risk’ by Sustainalytics, A- by SynTao Green Finance, AA by Quantdata and BBB by MioTech. These mainstream ratings represent the capital market’s high recognition of COLI’s ESG management achievements.

COLI has been continually included in the “Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index” (HSSUS) for 13 years, ranking among the top 30 of more than 2,200 Hong Kong-listed companies. COLI was included in the newly launched “Hang Seng Climate Change 1.5°C Target Index” in May 2022 and was enlisted in the Hang Seng ESG 50 Index for three consecutive years. It also received an A+ from Hang Seng Indexes this year. Since 2021, the Company has been selected as a constituent in a series of sustainability indexes, such as HSI Low Carbon Index and HSI ESG Enhanced Select Index, demonstrating COLI’s outstanding performance in the operation, environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance. This year, COLI was also awarded the “2022 Influential Companies for ESG Development TOP 10” and the “6th China IR Annual Awards – Best ESG Award”. Please refer to the website ( for details of the ratings.

In terms of environmental protection, the Company actively responded to the national decarbonization targets and formulated its own decarbonization strategy and roadmap; continued to develop “green, healthy, intelligent and industrial scale” products with breakthroughs in green buildings and zero carbon emission buildings through a string of successful benchmark projects of green buildings. In particular, The U World Chongqing obtained the first national three-star green building label in Chongqing, and Beijing China Overseas Fortune Center and Uni ELITE won the first LEED platinum certification within the Group. Furthermore, China Overseas Building has obtained five pre-certifications, including national three-star green building, three-star healthy building, nearly zero energy consumption building, WELL and LEED, with an aim to become the first Grade 5A high-rise office building in China with nearly zero energy consumption and zero carbon emission (operating stage). The OFFICEZIP project at Beijing China Overseas Fortune Center was the world’s first unconventional office project to obtain the WELL V2 CORE platinum certification. Furthermore, the Company formulated quantitative targets for a green supply chain of not less than 60% by 2023 and using no less than 8% of reusable and recyclable building materials for new residential projects to conserve the natural habitat and human well-being.

Regarding social responsibility, COLI is committed to carrying out various support and aid activities to give back to the community. Since 2018, COLI has launched the “Sea of Hope” targeted support and aid initiative in a number of poor counties to create original brands for local quality agricultural products. Marketing such products nationwide through our business network helped driving the sale of 250,000 boxes of agricultural products. In 2021, COLI added 502,000 m2 of affordable housing, accumulating 3.724 million m2. In addition, the Company conducts a 100% comprehensive process assessment of projects on a quarterly basis from four aspects, including actual measurement, quality risks, safety and discipline and site management to further ensure project safety and product quality. COLI actively promotes and adopts industry-accepted quality standard certification. Up to March 2022, six subsidiaries or professional companies of the Group obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certificates.

As to corporate governance, COLI has established the Corporate Governance Committee at the board level, incorporating “climate change risks” and “ESG” risks into the Company’s risk management framework as one of its important strategies. Thereby integrating ESG management into daily operations. The Company has a complete anti-corruption system managed by its Independence Department, to ensure the compliance of internal and external stakeholders through training and auditing.

Looking ahead, COLI will continue to improve the ESG management system and fulfill its social responsibility. COLI is committed to its “Four Excellences” philosophy namely “Good Products, Good Services, Good Effectiveness and Good Citizen” to make steady progress and create value for stakeholders and investors in the long run.

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