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China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. has been Included in the “Forbes China 2023 Annual ESG Inspiring Cases” Author:China Overseas Land and Investment Ltd.

(Hong Kong, 6 March 2023) Forbes China recently released the “2023 Annual ESG Inspiring Cases” results. With outstanding performance in green product innovation, green supply chain, talent development and corporate social responsibility, China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. (the “Company”, “COLI”; Stock Code: 0688.HK) stood out from more than 100 industry-leading companies and was honored to be selected as one of the 20 ESG case companies with practical reference significance.

According to Forbes China, the infinite closeness between ESG pragmatism and the long-term business goals of companies has become a definite trend, and may become the golden standard for evaluating the effectiveness of a company’s ESG-related actions. From the ESG survey of over 100 industry-leading companies, Forbes China discovered that carbon neutrality and environmental protection, enterprise process and supply chain management optimization, employee career development were of positive impact on the performance and management of the companies.

COLI also fully realizes the close relations between ESG management and corporate managment and integrated the ESG concepts into its daily management. COLI has included “climate change risk” and “ESG risk” into its risk database and incorporated them into the corporate risk management framework, and currently, it has become one of the strategic, planning and positioning risks of the Company. Various departments will conduct more detailed and robust risk assessments targeted at business management and control, disclosure compliance and market ratings to ensure the formulation of highly effective risk management measures in this respect.

Extraordinary results and continued breakthroughs have also been made in the aspects of environment, social reponsibility and corporate governance. The company actively responds to the national “3060” goals of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality by establishing the COLI Decarbonization Leadership Group to formulate COLI’s decarbonization goal, strategy and roadmap; continue to develop “green, healthy, intelligent and industrial scale” products with breakthroughs in green buildings and zero carbon emission buildings through a string of successful benchmark projects of green buildings; and implement the sustainable supply chain management with active promotion of standardization of procurement of green materials. COLI believe its attempts on ESG aspects will bring more inspiration to corporate managers.

Looking ahead, COLI will firmly adheres to its sustainability strategy of “Four Excellences”, continue to deepen ESG construction and related work, work towards the “double carbon” goal, set a role model for peer companies and bring new inspiration, so as to create a new highland for high-quality development of the industry and facilitate the country’s sustainable development in the long run.


COLI was included in the “Forbes China 2023 Annual ESG Inspiring Cases”

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