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China Overseas Property Shines in Chengdu
Term of development Project name Term of development Project name
2000-2004 Grandeur Vista China Overseas Building
2003-2006 Greenwich Village China Overseas International Center
2004-2012 International Community 2012-2014 Southern Mansion
2005-2007 Ivy Garden 2012-2014 One Villa South
2005-2009 Dragon Peninsula 2012-2015 Manor No.9
2007-2010 Orchid Garden 2012-2015 Ninth World
2007-2011 Banyan Coast 2012-2015 Southern World
2007-2013 One City South 2011-2014 Enjoy Elegant Life
2010-2013 Golden Sand Masion 2013-2015 The East Palace
2010-2013 Glorious City

International Community

Project location: Shuxi Road, Yangxi Line, West Park of High-tech Zone
Total gross floor area: 1,292,000㎡
Term of development: 2004-2012

Dragon Peninsula

Project location: Middle Longteng Road, Qingyang Avenue
Total gross floor area: 133,000㎡
Term of development: 2005-2009

Golden Sand Masion

Project location: Near Jinsha Relics Museum
Total gross floor area: 144,000㎡
Term of development: 2010-2013

Enjoy Elegant Life

Project location: No. 168 Second Shenghe Road, High-tech Zone
Total gross floor area: 379,000㎡
Term of development: 2011-2014