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A Development of Solid Foundation with Outstanding Planning
Term of development Project name Term of development Project name
1992-1995 Haihua Garden 2002-2009 Bay Line
1996-1998 Haitian Garden 2008-2013 Majestic City
 1993-1996 Haixing Plaza 2008-2012 Coastal Palace
1995-1997 Haili Garden 2009-2013 The Amethyst
1995-1998 Haili Building 2013-2014 The Graces
1996-2000 China Overseas Building 2013-2014 La Cite
2000-2002 Zhonghai Xin Yuan 2011-2014 Grand Mansion
2001-2002 Emerald Villa 2012-2014 Riverside Palace
2002-2004 Haiyue Graden 2013-2016 The Amethyst
2003-2008 Jade Laguna Villa

Bay Line

Project location: No. 1266 Longwu Road, Xuhui District
Total gross floor area: 270,000㎡
Term of development: 2002-2009

The Amethyst

Project location: No. 688 Tongpu Road, Putuo District
Total gross floor area: 438,300㎡
Term of development: 2009-2013

The Graces

Project location: Caijiabang East Road, Songjiang District
Total gross floor area: 161,900㎡
Term of development: 2013-2014

Grand Mansion

Project location: No. 899 Wancheng Road, Yanpu River (near Guoxiu Road)
Total gross floor area: 232,900㎡
Term of development: 2011-2014