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An International City Built with Ten Decades of Civilization
Term of development Project name Term of development Project name
2004-2006 Classic Palais 2010-2015 Elite Villa
2006-2012 International Community 2010-2014 Royal Mansion
2006-2012 Royal Palace 2011-2014 Upper City
2010-2013 Green Cove 2013-2016 The New Times
2006-2013 Gemlacus 2013-2016 COLI City
2010-2013 Royal Land

Classic Palais

Project location: Intersection of South 2nd Ring Road and Tangyan Road, High-tech Zone
Total gross floor area: 135,000㎡
Term of development: 2004-2006

Royal Palace

Project location: East Furong Road, Qujiang New District
Total gross floor area: 145,200㎡
Term of development: 2006-2012

Elite Villa

Project location: Nanhu Lake, Qujiang
Total gross floor area: 38,000㎡
Term of development: 2010-2015

The New Times

Project location: Intersection of Taihua Road and Taiyuan Road
Total gross floor area: 958,000㎡
Term of development: 2013-2016