“Four Excellences” Sustainable Development

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“Four Excellences” Sustainable Development

In order to systematically implement sustainability management, COLI has formulated the Management Measures for Environmental, Social and Governance Management of COLI to specify the responsibilities for overall planning and implementation of sustainability affairs and corresponding work reporting mechanisms.

Sustainability Management Structure

Under the working group are four taskforces (Sustainable Products, Sustainable Operation, Better Services and Elite Team Management) which are cross-departmental bodies responsible for the issues managed by their members’ respective departments to ensure that relevant policies and measures are well implemented.

COLI’s “Four Excellences” Sustainability Strategy 

We adhere to the sustainability strategy of “a Company of Four Excellences (四好公司)”. Providing customers with “Good Products” and “Good Services” are the foundations of our sustainability strategy of being “a Company of Four Excellences”. We regard employees as the foundation to create “Good Effectiveness”, always bear in mind our corporate social responsibility and strive to be a “Good Citizen”.

Sustainability Strategy of “Four Excellences” and targets