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Policies and Codes

Sustainable development policy

China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. (“COLI”, “the Company” or “we”) is committed to promoting sustainable development and creating environmental awareness. In its progress towards the strategic goal “to be an Exceptional Global Property Development Corporation”, the Company strives for the “Four Excellences” which offers “Good Products and Good Services” and demonstrates “Good Effectiveness and being a Good Citizen”. We consult and work hand in hand with working groups and business partners to uphold the principles of ethical, social and environmental responsibilities. We are committed to monitor and review our environmental performance in accordance with our environmental management system, and to report environmental data and issues annually pertained in our construction process and operations. Major environmental issues that are identified in the process will be communicated regularly with stakeholders.

This Policy is approved by COLI’s senior management, monitored by COLI’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Working Group, while the ESG Taskforce is responsible for coordinating efforts of relevant departments to adjust related operations and to effectively implement this Policy. Given the diversity of the Company’s business portfolio, the management team of each department should implement this Policy in line with various business conditions.

At the level of corporate risk management, environmental and social risk factors related to this Policy have been incorporated into the Company’s relevant policies, assessment list and implemented in environmental management system in order to be reviewed and evaluated. Competent departments are required to rate different risk factors on a regular basis. Results will be reported to the Audit and Risk Management Committee for review, in order to determine the Company’s annual risk management events and their rankings, and to designate departments as risk owners to implement management measures.