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Policies and Codes

Sustainable development policies and codes

In order to standardize and promote sustainable development, the Company has formulated the following policies and codes of conduct. All policies are approved by COLI’s senior management and supervised by the ESG Working
Leadership, with an executive team responsible for coordinating the relevant departments to align their operations to effectively implement the policies. To further enhance the transparency of our sustainability policies, the Company added three new policies, including the Sustainable Procurement Policy, the Code of Responsible Marketing and the Responding to Climate Change Policy, and updated two policies, including the addition of a greenfield development commitment to the Environmental Policy and the upgrading of the Green Finance Framework to the Sustainable Finance Framework.

Related policies & codes:

Category Policy Key topic Last update
Overall policy Sustainable Development Policy Good Products
Good Services
Good Effectiveness
Good Citizen
March 2023
Environmental Environmental Policy Sustainable buildings
Sustainable materials
Energy and carbon emission management
Water resource management
Waste and sewage management
Protection of biodiversity and habitats
Stakeholder engagement
March 2023
Sustainable Finance Framework Use of Proceeds
Process for Project Evaluation and Selection
Management of Proceeds
February 2023
Responding to Climate Change Policy Initiatives for addressing climate change March 2023
Social Corporate Code of Conduct Anti-corruption
Conflicts of interest
Maintain fair competition
Fair marketing
Insider information
Privacy and information security
Protection of intellectual property rights
Environment, health and safety
Anti-discrimination, equal opportunities and diversity
May 2020
Code of Responsible Marketing Responsible Sales Management Code
Equitable and Fair Treatment of Customers Management Code
March 2023
Policy on Employment Rights and Interests and Occupational Safety and Health No forced labour
No child labour
Advocacy of diversity and inclusiveness
Respect for freedom of association
Guarantee of occupational health and safety
May 2020
Supplier Code of Conduct Ethics
Employment contracts, working hours and remunerations
Prohibition of using child labour
Equal opportunities and labour rights and interests
Occupational health and safety
Environmental and safety specifications of products
Environmental management in the course of operation
May 2020
Sustainable Procurement Policy Procurement of sustainable materials
Monitoring and management of the environmental impacts produced by the supply chain
March 2023
Shareholders’ Communication Policy General Policy
Communication Channels
August 2022
Governance Board Diversity Policy Diversity Perspectives
Monitoring and Reporting
August 2013
Inside Information Disclosure Policy Responsibilities regarding Determination of Inside Information
Reporting and Assessment
Accuracy and Completeness of Information
Handling of Emergency Situations
Application of Safe Harbours
Disclosure of Inside Information
Maintaining Confidentiality and Restrictions on Dealing in the Company’s
Trading Suspension
External Communication Guidelines
August 2019