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Term of development Project name Term of development Project name
1994-2000 Glorious City Garden 2005-2008 South Garden
1998-2000 Zhonghai Jinyuan 2007-2011 Bel Case
2001-2005 Elegant Town 2005-2011 Banyan Bay
2003-2005 Cannes Garden 2005-2012 The Oakwood
2004-2006 Sapphire Cove 2011-2015 The Piedmont
2004-2007 Top View 2011-2017 Glory City
2004-2014 Blossom Cove 2012-2014 The Hill Villas
2005-2007 Jincheng Building 2012-2014 No.1 Metropolis
2005-2009 Park Royal 2014-2018 One Blossom Cove

Sapphire Cove

Project location: No. 128 Ruyi Road, Shang Village, Dashi Town, Fanyu District
Total gross floor area: 100,000㎡
Term of development: 2004-2006

Glory City

Project location: South of Kaiyuan Avenue, Development Zone
Total gross floor area: 983,000㎡
Term of development: 2011-2017

No.1 Metropolis

Project location: No. 86 Huacheng Street, Zhujiang New Town
Total gross floor area: 865,000㎡
Term of development: 2014-2018