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Lead and Create Together with Shenzhen
Term of development Project name Term of development Project name
1981-1984 Haifeng Garden 2004-2007 One Honey Lake
1989-1991 Haifu Garden 2004-2006 The Crescent
1991-1993 Haili Building 2005-2007 Hilary Villa
1992-1994 Haibin Plaza 2005-2010 Royal Green
1992-1995 Hailian Building 2006-2010 Mount Canyon
1993-1996 Haizhu Mansion Phase 1 2006-2010 The Wesley
1996-1998 Zhonghai Garden 2006-2012 Olympic City
1997-1999 Zhonghai Lee Garden 2007-2011 Le Temps De La Seine
China Overseas Building 2008-2010 The Rosary
1998-2002 Greenery Villas 2006-2011 The Coli Hotel
1998-2001 Dynasty Court 2011-2013 Southern Garden
2001-2004 Sunny Palm 2011-2013 Fairview Park
2001-2003 The Sea View 2012-2016 Residence Nine
2003-2006 Primrose Villa 2013-2015 Glorious City
2003-2005 Sunshine Aloha 2015-2017 The Paragon

One Honey Lake

Project location: Intersection of Qiaoxiang Road and Xiangmei Road, Futian District
Total gross floor area: 153,000㎡
Term of development: 2004-2007

Royal Green

Project location: Intersection of Wutong Road and North Ring Road, Henggang Town, Longgang District
Total gross floor area: 210,000㎡
Term of development: 2005-2010

Residence Nine

Project location: Jiangangshan Road, Bao’an District
Total gross floor area: 182,000㎡
Term of development: 2012-2015

The Paragon

Project location: Guiyuan Street, Binhe Avenue, Luohu District
Total gross floor area: 244,000㎡
Term of development: 2015-2017