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Project Profile

Located in the Changbai Block of Shenyang at the portal to south of Heping District, the project occupies both sides of Nanjing South Street, arterial traffic of Heping District, and is adjacent to Hunnan Avenue, arterial traffic of Hunnan New District on the south. The area enjoys convenient communication advantages with transfer junctions for Subway Line 4, Line 9 and 3 subway stations currently under construction within the lot, rich educational resources covering two school districts of No.1 Nanjing School and No.126 Middle School and convenient shopping options coming with the entry of member shop of Wal-mart Sam’s Club.

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One Blossom Cove, GZ

Located on the south of Hokdung Street and west of Fangcun Avenue in Guanggang New Town, Liwan District, Guangzhou, adjacent to Sailong Station of Subway Line 1 and Hokdung Station of Canton-Fatshan Line, the project consists of 5 lots in two phases of development. It covers about 60,000㎡ community garden and 55,000㎡ commercial block. The project will be established as an urban landmark of comprehensive complex integrating houses residence, apartments and business all in one.

Project location: Exit A of Sailong Station / Exit C of Hokdung Station, Guanggang New Town, Liwan District, Guangzhou
Lot size: 176,821㎡   Total gross floor area: 1,300,000㎡